Creationism Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

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Our combined answer to– the creationist idea that the ability to remove a part from a machine and render it useless proves that it is designed is like having a lego set, taking a few pieces away and saying that you can’t build anything with it. Yes, if you take the pieces away after it is already built, it won’t work the way it was supposed to. But, clearly the parts can add up to many different wholes.

Vending Numbness

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This is for real. This is actually happening. Are we this desperate? Have we become this over-medicated?

Right now

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there is a mosquito trapped in my car. I kept trying to smash him while I was driving, but the lights kept turning green too quickly. Trying to smash him while driving would only cause me to wreck and fit into his hungry plans.

He settled on the dash right in front of my steering wheel. Waiting, his needley proboscks\\\\\fuick frunk fuckit