Rubbing One Out

Transmitter wrote this in the early evening:

Jerking off has come to represent two near-polar opposites in our culture: 1. A pleasurable act performed on oneself in private or in the context of intimacy. 2. Showing disdain by ejaculating onto the shunned object. (An offense worse than spitting or urinating on something, perhaps because it requires more time and effort.)

It is under the second usage that I exercise my disgust for verbal masturbation. Verbal masturbators defines those people who talk incestly, louder and louder, and even repeat themselves until they have brought their eardrums to a reverberating climax with the sound of their own voice.

I hate those fuckers.

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One Response to “Rubbing One Out”

  1. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    Now you’re making me think of that scene in a movie you told me about where the actor whacks off and sobs simultaneously. Next time I get annoyed I think I’ll try that.

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