Soft as Snow, But Warm Inside

Transmitter wrote this in the wee hours:

I see the world with two minds. I am a dichotomy. I’m torn between male and female, surrounded and alone, rational and crazy. I see the patterns all around me and I can assemble them into equations, break them into logical chunks that can balance across the equal sign. I watch the flux and influx from traffic and work to conversations and emotions. Everything follows a sign wave, moving in and out along a predetermined graph. Solve the equation and follow the patterns and you know where everything is going. Extrapolated futurisms.

At times too many variables come in and tangents form. I try to follow them while keeping the main path in site, but I get overwhelmed and lost. Then, the logical side of me breaks down and exposes raw emotions. These emotions corse through me like fire burning complex carbon chains and explode in boughts of insanity. My family lacks mental health, so I’m predisposed. Must I imbibe these neuroses? Is there a Psychotics Anonymous?

If I appear cold and detached it’s because ice is the only way I’ve found to hold in the burning inside.

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4 Responses to “Soft as Snow, But Warm Inside”

  1. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    No wonder your hands are so cold. It’s your psyche trying to get out and touch other people.

  2. Transmitter Says:

    Perhaps the lyrics from my borrowed title say it better:

    Soft as snow but warm inside
    Penetrate you cannot hide
    Feeling lost forever
    Really need you
    Feeling dark and feeling true
    This is all i ever knew
    Soft as skin in leather
    And i whisper ‘you’
    Harder you come down on me
    Sink away you look happily
    Secrets keep forever
    They’re undressing me
    Come inside it’s warm in here
    Better now to have no fear
    Carried on a wave
    (where it can lead) you
    Touch your head, then your hair
    Softer, softer everywhere
    Fingertips are burning
    Can i touch you there
    Soft as velvet eyes can see
    Bring me close to ecstacy
    High away to heaven
    And i’m coming too
    Float now coming down on me
    Handed you what i cannot see
    Feel the big happy, you’re exploding me

    Soft as snow and warm inside
    Penetrate then redivide
    Slip away forever
    (do we) need you

  3. Gina Says:

    Some of us wouldn’t mind the heat now and again. I could use some warmth, actually.

    My family has had its share of mental health issues – especially my father. It would be nice to escape the familial genes on that. I don’t think it’s possible, though.

  4. Lucky Strike Says:

    There are no such things as objects; only thoughts, ideas, waves, and concepts. Carve that wave out man; carve it out.

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