Transmitter wrote this in the early morning:


Oft the warning signs are right in front of us. My first apprehension of my hotel was the smell that hit me across the face and then slithered deep inside my nostrils as I opened the door. A thick myst of cleaning procucts, stale smoke, and sex occupied my first floor room. When my head finally shook off the odorous cloud, I tepidly reached for the light switch. The light barely illuminated the dank room. At first I thought the orange glow was coming from the low-watt light bulb, but then I rounded the corner and saw the orange bed spread. I like the color orange. The bed spread was not a likeable color. It was a mixture of salmon and maroon, a nice shade of vomit (the kind produced from a night of too much pizza and beer). I turned the light off and crawled into the, now muted, lumpy salmon. Too bad I can still smell in the dark.

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One Response to “Warning”

  1. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    You better not smell like that when you get home. Or acquire birth defects. Have some fun and get back already!

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