Aluminum Died for my Sins

Transmitter wrote this late at night:

My brand new MacBook has a dent in it. I foolishly left it on the floor in the path of the chotzky that fell from bookshelf as I slammed my knee into it. At first I was only concerned with the throbbing pain in my knee. Then, I lamented my marred laptop, realizing that while my knee will heal, my laptop is forever scarred. The clean, brushed aluminum surface is broken. The OCD in me started to twitch. I wanted to scream.

While I repeatedly rubbed the gash, trying to make it disappear, I calmed down. Nothing is perfect. The dent gives my laptop character. I’ll invent some fantastic story about how it got there:

While building houses in Mexico, I pulled out my laptop to refresh myself on the schematics. Just as I opened it a misguided nail ricocheted toward my face. The nail, headed straight for my eye, instead bounced off of my open laptop. Were it not for Apple’s sturdy metal design you and I would be talking eye to eyes. Having come so close to mutilation and possibly death, I now take my laptop everywhere with me and proudly tell the story of how my laptop was damaged in exhange for my life.

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2 Responses to “Aluminum Died for my Sins”

  1. Lucky Strike Says:

    You popped its cherry, now it’s yours forever.

  2. The Beautiful Kind Says:

    It has a cute dimple now! And yes, character. If there were 100 silver laptops lined up, you’d know which one is yours right away, instead of having to turn it on and checking to see what sort of porn is on it.

    Also reminds me of my daughter. When she was born, her milky skin was flawless, and as she aged, it was fascinating to watch the odd freckle appear. She has one on her lower back, and one on the bottom of her foot.

    1. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics
    2. having no like or equal; unparalleled
    3. the only one like it in the world

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