My Mind on Love

Transmitter wrote this around lunchtime:

Lists have always bothered me. They always feel daunting and oppressive. A list, even if it isn’t numbered, implies a hierarchy of importance. While lists certainly have their usefulness (tasks and to-do’s), I don’t think that they work well for thought and I don’t even like using them for tasks. Maybe that’s why some people think I’m disorganized. I have a different way of thinking, though.

Instead of linear lists, my mind operates in circles. In the middle is a core that processes all the information (thoughts, things to remember, things to do, etc.). This information is processed as it passes through a receptor bar. Each item is placed on an appropriate orbit based on a ratio of importance to processing frequency. In other words, the more important thoughts and items are placed on the inner circles so that they are constantly “on my mind” while the outside rings are only brought up occasionally.

My Mind

Drawing number 1. (Click to enlarge.)

Occasionally, just like a real universe, my mind experiences meteor showers and supernovas. Meteor showers represent a barrage of shit. Supernovas on the other hand occur when something extraordinary happens in my life. Supernovas completely fuck normal thought. Things get knocked off orbit and the receptor bar is rendered useless since the processor is receiving overwhelming amounts of direct input. Love is a supernova.

My Mind Supernova

Drawing number 2. (Click to enlarge.)

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3 Responses to “My Mind on Love”

  1. Lucky Strike Says:

    It’s an infection that spreads and spreads. You can’t have control until the disorder has circulated and becomes closer to something ordinary. Until then, you just have to let it spill out of you from every orifice.

  2. alacrity Says:

    it will never become close to ordinary.

  3. Lucky Strike Says:

    I hope not.

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