Chase It

Transmitter wrote this in the wee hours:

Chase Park Puke

It’s an idle Tuesday night. A late night movie with my girlfriend and her friend sounds like a fantastic escape from work. A couple drinks at the bar while waiting for the show to start makes the evening even more enjoyable. We down the last of our drinks and slip into the theatre, expecting to ride our buzzes out through the two and a half hour show. They sell beer at the concessions; what’s one more beer? We’re officially drunk. The popcorn isn’t helping at all. Fuck, why not get another beer. Fucking fuck, the concessions is closed. Wait. They give us one more round. Godbless them. Shit, those didn’t last long at all. A little drama and some smooth talking scores us more beer from the cafe that we smuggle into the theatre in coffee cups (lids and all). Godbless the bartender. The popcorn really isn’t helping. We get more beer. The suspensefull drama is now a comedy. Yes, we were those noisy assholes across the aisle from you. Fuck off, we’re drunk. The movie’s over. We wander out. My girlfriend says she’s going to puke in the bushes. We laugh at her. We go outside. We’re laughing and smoking, not sure where to take our drunkenness. Midsentence she pukes all over the sidewalk right in front of the theatre. Brilliant. We stumble down to the coffee house where she pukes in between drinks of coffee and water. Godbless public restrooms. Fuck you Wednesday morning.

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One Response to “Chase It”

  1. alacrity Says:

    that is the last time the bartender at the chase helps us losery kids smuggle beer into the theater.

    i hate today. a lot.


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