Copy Guy

Transmitter wrote this mid-afternoon:

This morning at the office I walked by one of my coworkers struggling with the copier. I watched her frustration increase from a distance while I filled my coffee cup. Now armed with coffee, I wiped the sleep from my eyes and offered my assistance. She explained to me that it kept telling her that it was jammed, but that she had already cleared everything. She tried turning it off and back on, but that didn’t help either. I read the error message and opened the document feeder where the copier was telling me it was jammed. Sure enough there was a piece of paper. She immediately felt embarassed by her frustrated confidence that the copier was wrong. I assured her that it was not a big deal because I’d worked at a copy shop for 7 years. She thanked me repeatedly and appointed me as the new in-house copier technician. Awesome. At least my experience is respected in some area of the office.

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