Mobile Again

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Bianchi Forza

Several months ago both of my bikes were stolen from behind my apartment. I was so fucking pissed I could barely speak. I spent the rest of the evening muttering, “fucking fuck.” I was most upset over my Specialized racing bike. It was lightweight, fast, and vintage, and I paid next to nothing for it, despite it being worth a lot of money.

Anyway, being without a bike has given me a good reason to buy a new bike. Having saved up enough extra money I just got myself a Bianchi Forza. I’m super excited about it. This is the first brand new bike that I’ve purchased in over ten years. With the weather getting cooler and a new job that is much closer to me, I can’t wait to start riding it to work.

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  1. Alacrity Says:

    I love the bike you gave me for my birthday. When I ride it to school and work I look at other people’s bikes and think, “Mine is cooler looking. ha ha.”

    I can’t help but feel some jealousy about your new bike though. My bike probably weighs 75 times more than yours. Which means I would lose in a bike tossing contest.

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